More Mile Supreme Foot Massage Roller - Orange

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Self-myofascial release, also known as “foam rolling” something that every athlete should include within their day to day lifestyle, whether or not you are a professional or a weekend warrior it makes absolutely no difference.

Introducing the More Mile Supreme Foot Massage Roller, the perfect tool for every athlete regardless of your level!! Compact enough to fit into your gym bag, ideal for home use, perfect for short intervals between work especially when becoming stiff from being sat on the dreaded swivel chairs provided in offices these days, or for those who do not stop on the job and need to release any tension, aches or knots.

  • Deactivates muscular trigger points
  • Improves circulation and increases flexibility
  • Use your own body weight to massage trigger points to relieve tension
  • Excellent tool for rehabilitation from injury
  • Size: 16.6cm x 6.5cm